Halloween Mishap
by: Madeline P.

It was the scariest night of the year, Halloween. After a rough day at school, Bill was outside on the sidewalk waiting for the bus, when John and the other popular boys came up to him, laughing.


“Hey, guys. What’s up?” asked Bill eagerly.


“We are just talking about our awesome plans for tonight. We are going to ding dong ditch Mr. Jennings,” said John. “You can come too. I mean if you’re not already going trick-or-treating with your mommy,” said John laughing.


“I’ll be there,” said Bill proudly.


“Alright. Be there at seven,” said John. And then he and the others walked away. See, it was Halloween, and Bill desperately wanted to be popular. He would do anything to get that title, even do something her knew he shouldn’t. John and the other boys were the most popular boys in school, mainly because they had nice clothes and big houses. Bill was the nerd in school. He had all A’s in every class, he loved math, and he was in the chess club. His best friend, Ross, was more popular than Bill, but Ross couldn’t care less about school titles.


After the encounter with John, Bill started walking home, when he ran into Ross. They had plans to just hang out at Ross’s house tonight. Bill was afraid of what Ross would think when he found out that Bill had ditched him to go do something that they both knew was wrong. “Hey, we still on for tonight?” asked Ross.


“No, actually something came up. Sorry,” said Bill, walking faster.


“Oh… What’s going on? You’re acting weird,” questioned Ross.


“I’m hanging out with John. We are going to bug Mr. Jennings and no, you can’t come,” said Bill as he walked away.


“Well fine!” yelled Ross after Bill.


When Ross got home, he tried to think of a way to get Bill to understand that what he was doing was wrong. All of a sudden, he had an idea. He immediately picked up the phone and called Mr. Jennings. His father had worked with Mr. Jennings when he was younger and they remained friends. “Hey, Mr. Jennings. I have a favor to ask you…”


Mr. Jennings was known as the neighborhood scary old man, but in reality he was a sweet old man.


It was 6:50. Almost time for Bill to meet John, and finally be popular. He had felt bad that he had gotten so mad a Ross, and he planned on apologizing to him and begging his forgiveness . Ross was Bill’s best friend and he would do anything for him. Bill had already left, and was walking to the house. It had just gotten dark outside, and he could barely make out the figures of John, and four other boys. They were crouched down, hiding behind a bush, and signaled Bill to run over there and crouch down too. Once he got there John explained the plan: “You and I are going up to the door, while the others stay here and bang on the windows. When they hear footsteps, we ring the door bell and dive into the bush. We do that 2 or 3 times and then get the heck out of here.” Just as John said that, they hear a loud shot from a shotgun behind them. They sat still but when it happened again John’s friends started screaming and John started crying, then they ran. Bill stayed back, hoping to apologize to Mr. Jennings, when he heard Ross’s laughter from up in a tree. “What are you doing!” screamed Bill frightened.


“Filming all you babies getting scared! Hey, thanks Mr. Jennings!” said Ross.


“Anytime,” said Mr. Jennings sleepily.


“Hey…sorry about earlier… It’s just I want to be popular so badly. But, now I know that that is a dumb thing to want, and I would rather be a loser and friends with you than be popular and us fighting. So what do you say? Friends?” pleaded Bill.


“Of course. And you will surely be popular after we show this video to everyone in school!” said Ross laughing.


When they went to school, the video was shown on the big screen in the cafeteria, John and his friends were named the “class clowns” and everyone had a great time. Bill was never popular, but he was content with his life, and his best friend Ross.